Dug Campbell

100 Days In A Row

Today’s the 100th day I’ve blogged in a row. I’ve written on and off over the past seven years or so but only consistently written every single day for more than 100 days once before. You can check out most of them here, here and here.

Some have served as timeless lessons. Some have helped me learn more about things I already knew a lot about. Some have been rushed. A couple have been about running. Most of them have forced me to think, and some have even changed my mind.

There are two things that are self-evident to me after going through this process for a second time.

One: writing something every day means you don’t have time to write nicely or with any great consideration – and you have to be happy with whatever you produce.

Two: writing something every day means that, with no time for endless prevarication and tweaking, you’re forced to think about a specific subject every day and, on occasion, the habit produces something that you’d never get if you simply waited for ‘the muse’ to hit you.

I’m not sure how long I’ll keep up the ‘daily’ routine. But I can’t ever see myself stopping blogging overall. It’s just too useful.