Month: January 2019

The Willingness To Be Wrong Are There More Brainy People All Of A Sudden? Phantom Buttons Tweets of the Day (LinkedIn & Synaesthesia Edition) Five Big Questions Venezuela and Bitcoin Foundations For A Great Career New Frontiers Ten Years on Twitter Google Breaches GDPR (Shock, Horror) Fighting The Inevitable: Surveillance Capitalism & The Decline of Civilisation The Power of Myth Bad Infographics The (Many) Senses Linux and the Open Source Software Movement Leadership Tips Why You Should Delete Your Social Accounts Privacy and Emails The Challenges of Decentralisation Protecting Your Digital Door The Importance of Thinking Time The Madness of Rice (Revisited) Fake Faces The Bitcoin Standard A Beginner’s Mind Beats The Expert Oumuamua and the Paradigm Shifts Employee Fitness & Surveillance If You’re Reading This, You’re WEIRD… Happy Tenth Birthday Bitcoin Using Fiction to Simulate Decision-Making Patreon Censorship: The Story Continues