Dug Campbell

Become A More Effective Doctor

Thought for the day.

Evidence shows that the average doctor working in a rich Western country will save, on average, around 10 people’s lives during the course of a full medical career.

At the same time, there are a number of options open for any individual to spend a relatively small sum of money in order to pretty much guarantee that in doing so, a life would be saved. Now repeat that every year for 40 years.

If you adopt the viewpoint that you should always be seeking the greater good of society as a whole, which route makes the most sense? Be a doctor – or a small-time philanthropist?

And finally, before you do so, taking that to its logical conclusion – does it then matter where that money comes from (if its going to be used to save lives) ?

Try reading through some points of view that challenge your own. I’d recommend checking out this post by 80,000 hours (‘Is It Ever Okay To Take A Harmful Job In Order to Do More Good?’)