Dug Campbell

Freedom: An Alarming Perspective

Thought from the day from the always thought-provoking Nassim Nicholas Taleb:

Two things to consider:

1/ Are you getting up and leaping out of bed, enthusiastic to get to work?

If not, is it lack of sleep (poor short-term planning) or because you have an uninteresting job (poor long-term planning).

2/ Or should people seek the discipline of a fixed wake up call to instil accountability and a sense of forward progress from the very moment the day starts (whether that comes in the form of the crazy-early Jocko workouts or the 5-second rule)?

I’ve been wearing an Oura ring¬†for the last few weeks (I blame a combination of Matthew Walker and Peter Attia…). I’ll write about it properly in a few weeks but all I know is today is that it tends to give me a hard time every morning for not getting the sleep I need. A useful reminder. But as someone who both loves their job and needs an alarm clock, I’m still working out which way to interpret this tweet.

And I guess that’s the sign of a good tweet….