Month: November 2018

Two Thoughts on Hiring The History of the Internet Spaced Repetition The Inevitable Craziness of Surveillance, AI and Social Credit The Personal Runway Metric SAFE Network Hits the Mainstream Different Twitter Uses More Opinions, Fewer Facts Pivot or Head Shot? Bitcoin Black Friday – But Does It Matter? Taleb & Naval Drinking from the Firehose Surveillance Car Capitalism Fast Bach Is Science Getting Harder? Priorities versus Incentives Criticism and Progress Sugar and the Mythical Hyper Kids Story Telling and Conspiracy Theories First Man Why The Internet Needs to Evolve (Again) I Want To Scan Your Brain ScotChain 2018 The Southpaw Advantage? Post-Truth Politics and Parenting Bitcoin and the Lindy Effect Running and Listening (Or Thinking?) Swearing and the Inevitable Decay of Society (Or Not) Life Is Short (But Let’s Ignore It) The Tasks & Tools of Procastination