Dug Campbell

Edinburgh’s First Bitcoin Meetup

Three weeks ago, I decided to arrange a meetup for people that were interested in Bitcoin. It’s no secret that I believe that the crypto-currency movement is going to have a huge year in 2014 as Bitcoin (in particular) accelerates from niche tech circles into the popular consciousness.

Unsurprisingly, most of the people that are into the subject tend to exist mainly online, whether in forums, podcasts or Reddit. But for me, that vital step into the mainstream will only come when people transact openly – and for that to happen, discussions need to take place face to face to let questions be asked, knowledge shared and – importantly – pique the interest of people who have only heard the often-sensationalised reporting in the press.

So I’m delighted to say that Edinburgh’s first Bitcoin Meetup at the Queens Arms last night was a huge success. Around thirty people turned up, all delighted to have the chance to speak about bitcoin and other alt-coins face-to-face. For me, it was confirmation of the fact that things are about to get really interesting, coming as it did on the day of the launch of a service to buy bitcoins directly around the UK from such trusted places as local newsagents, on top of the news that the UK’s first Bitcoin ATM has been installed.

Thanks to everyone who came along. Check out the Meetup page for details of the next one at the start of March. If you’re at all interested in coming along to hear more, I’ve no doubt that the group would make you welcome.