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A list of the blog posts that are currently the most popular on the site. As always, everything on this blog comes with the caveat that I believe it’s a positive trait to be able to change your mind on issues as you learn more deeply about the subjects. So given how old some of these posts are, it’s worth noting that my thinking may have evolved slightly in certain areas over time.

  1. Guilty Animals (Edinburgh Fringe 2021)
  2. The ‘Letters To …’ Project
  3. A Few Thoughts from The Web3 Summit 2018
  4. Why Art Is Just As Important As Science
  5. Why Science Fiction Shapes The Future
  6. Why the Internet Needs to Evolve (Again)
  7. 2017 In Books (Non-Fiction Edition)
  8. The Naivety of Expertise
  9. When Safety Sucks
  10. How Do People Get New Ideas?
  11. Startups, Maslow, Happiness, Unemployment
  12. AI And Summoning The Demon
  13. Bitcoin v The Blockchain?
  14. The Social Challenges Of Peer To Peer Markets
  15. The Stark Reality: Surveillance or Security?
  16. Why The Internet Of Things Needs The Blockchain
  17. Satoshi’s Songs: Can Bitcoin Save The Music Industry?
  18. Farm2050 Collective & The Coming Global Food Shortage
  19. The Genius ISM’s
  20. Collaborative Consumption
  21. Bitcoin, Accounting And The Blockchain