Dug Campbell

The ‘Letters To…’ Project

A few weeks ago, the Stellar Quines theatre company put out a call looking for writers for its ‘Letters To…’ project.

So I wrote a short piece and was delighted to be picked! Here’s the video they made of my work, with the help of Pitlochry Festival Theatre actress Felicity Sparks and director Shilpa T-Hyland who I think did a fantastic job with my words.

Seeing how others interpret your writing is fascinating. No matter how short it is, decisions are made as life gets breathed into the piece. Often they’re as you imagined. But sometimes they’re unexpected. And those are the most exciting.

P.S. You can check out the other winners here – definitely worth a watch! And if you haven’t yet seen theĀ  recent BBC extract from ‘Fibres’ by Frances Poet (which was a Stellar Quines co-production with the Citizens) about the damage wreaked by asbestos on workers and their families in the Glasgow shipyards performed by Jonathan Watson as part of the National Theatre of Scotland project, please just stop what you’re doing and watch it now. It’s stunning.