Dug Campbell

Self-lacing Trainers (Bluetooth Dependent…)

There’s technology that will change the world.

And then there’s technology that has evolved through the application of innovation for the sake of gimmickry.

At this point in time, I’d argue self-lacing Nike’s fall firmly into the latter category. Attempting to replace a technology that’s been around for (the shoelaces) perhaps illuminates the fine line between being visionary and foolhardy. Particularly when the app fails to sync and you’re left with a pair of useless loose trainers

I wouldn’t be surprised if this sort of change to footware does ultimately catch on. Hell, once we have flying cars and jetpacks, I’d be pretty disappointed if I had to bend over to deal with my laces at least twice a day. But somehow that all feels like a long way off yet. I wonder if Nike agree.