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The Future Of Digital 2014

If you’ve got time, it’s worth clicking through the 120-odd slides on the Future of Digital 2014 put together by Business Insider. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary but a good high-level overview of the trends.

Here’s a few highlights:-

  • 3 out of 7 billion worldwide are now online
  • Consumption of media is collapsing across TV, online, radio and print – and rising rapidly in mobile
  • Money follows eyeballs – so it’s going mobile
  • Wearables continue to grow – albeit not at a level that was previously hyped
  • Cars are increasingly connected to the internet
  • The average owner spends an hour a day on their smartphone (is that all?!)
  • More than 25% of all internet traffic is mobile
  • Global sales of tablets have hit a wall
  • Apple are losing the war: Android run 85% of the smartphones and 65% of the tablets in the world
  • Android is now more popular with developers than iOS
  • Android will soon overtake iOS in app revenue
  • The key digital media trends are: Mobile, Social, Video, Programmatic, Native
  • PayPal powers $30 billion in mobile payments
  • Google’s Chrome browser remains the most popular by far
  • The Internet of Things will see 20 billion connected devices by 2020

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