Dug Campbell

Fake Faces

Back in 2014, the following faces were created by AI:-Then in 2018, AI has improved just a little:-

You can read about all the details in this paper if you’re interested.

I think you’d agree that it’s stunning how realistic these are. I doubt anyone would be able to work out that many of these people are artificially generated simply by examining a photograph. Of course, there’s still a long way to go before man can fully leap that uncanny valley and accurately recreate these individuals in real 3D life. But it’s coming. And given the progress over the last four years, I wouldn’t bet against it happening much sooner than we think.

Oh, and good luck for all those professional models out there. If I’m designing advertising copy or fashion, then I suspect I’ll be picking the artificial model that’s designed to have the characteristics that are most appealing to my target audience. Why settle for relying on simple, expensive humans, with their imperfect bodies, irregular eye placement and all the rest…

And if nothing else, just think how good those computer games that must be coming down the line very soon are going to be…