Dug Campbell

World Book Day 2019

As anyone who noticed a steady stream of kids making their way into school today dressed as Potters and Gruffalos, today was World Book Day once again. I’m all in favour of anything that gets people reading more so, feeling guilty that I still haven’t got round to posting my ‘Best Books Read in 2018’ post (I’m only just over two months late, so not too bad by my standards), I thought I’d jump in with a few thoughts on Twitter.

Click on the Tweet below and you’ll be able to see the full thread of suggestions (sorry, for some reason WordPress embeds and Twitter threads still don’t play nicely together):-

But of course, it’s also very much a day for learning about new books. And without doubt, the favourite one I came across today is the lesser-known classic: ‘Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality‘.

That’s  right. Fan fiction that uses the world of Harry Potter to illustrate the scientific method and rational thinking.

Beat that for a World Book Day 2019 recommendation!