Dug Campbell

Podcast Interviews

I’ve been doing quite a few interviews and podcasts recently so I thought I’d share the newest one from this week here. It took place on the long-running SAFE Crossroads Podcast. It’s almost impossible to give a comprehensive view of the SAFE Network but this is a pretty general high-level overview around what’s going on if you’re interested.

And if I had to pick another favourite one from the past few months, I think it’s probably the Crypto Quest podcast that I did with Richard Messitt a few months back.

After doing crypto talks (in particular) for almost five years now, it’s only recently that I’ve started doing more podcasts. Part of that is due to the growth of podcasting as a genre so there’s more opportunities to speak to a wider number of people than you can ever get in a single room. But I have to say I really enjoy it. I find it far more pressure than giving a talk where you tend to have a structure (in your head at least) for the stories you want to tell. Whereas with an interview, you’re very much at the mercy of the interviewer – which can be challenging or, when it works, amazing.

Definitely feels like a new skill to learn that’s worth sticking in at and practicing – and one that makes me grateful for those who’ve rashly decided that I have something sufficiently interesting to share. Of course, they may revisit that opinion after the interview itself…