Dug Campbell

Bitcoin Chat on Sand Hill Road

Since I started posting on a daily basis here, the reality is that daily life sometimes gets in the way of my writing time that I try to put aside. Today was one of those days. But rather than stopping that daily habit, I’ve decided that those days are a great chance to post a video that I’ve watched recently that’s worth sharing.

Given that I had a blast giving another Bitcoin 101 talk this morning (at Young and Partners lawyers), it seemed apt to stay on theme and share a video from the recent Academic Roundtable 2014 organised by Andreessen Horowitz. Of course, given the high pedigree of commentary from the firm on Bitcoin’s potential to date (two essential posts to read here and here if you haven’t come across them yet), it’s not surprising that there are some great points from a combination of Chris DixonMatthew Green (co-author of ZeroCoin, the truly anonymous extension to the Bitcoin protocol) and Ed Felten from Princeton.


As an aside, it’s great to see tipping suddenly really take off across social platforms over the past few weeks. Not only are my favourites ChangeTip making it ridiculously simply to send bitcoin to pretty much anyone with a social account (in most cases, people who have no clue about Bitcoin – yet), but Coinbase have just introduced a simple tip button to help content creators monetise content for blog posts and the like.

Not because I’m expecting any, but just to show you how easy it is I’ve added the ChangeTip version below. Because it’s easy. And everyone should do it. What have you got to lose?