Dug Campbell

The Spiel

If you’ve clicked here, I’m guessing you’re looking for a bit of background. So here it is:-

The short version:

Digital strategy consultant who helps businesses to convert digital information into revenue.

Bitcoin:  www.onename.io/dugcampbell

The long version:

As a reformed lawyer, I spent well over a decade working with entrepreneurs and their investors across the UK building high-growth businesses, predominantly within the technology sector. From the early days, I’ve watched a number of established businesses struggle to compete against more nimble upstarts who were almost always better-informed about what the market is looking for. Many established businesses are simply too busy fire-fighting to notice how quickly things are changing. For those that have taken some time to consider the implications, questions still remain about how best to use rigorous monitoring and analysis to inform a general business strategy.

Combining an MBA with my legal experience and a passion for all things digital, I now consult with businesses in order to help them to make best use of digital means to grow their businesses. I understand the demands of ‘normal’ business and the reason why the digital side can sometimes be ignored. But I’ve also watched the rewards go to those that have spent time learning how to integrate the old with the new. With my background being in an industry that is notoriously reluctant to innovate, I understand well the barriers to adopting change.

I focus on building systems to help management monitor the real return on investment in pursuing such activities. The connection between ROI and new media channels in particular continues to create problems. This shouldn’t be the case in an online environment where data can be tracked in a way that was previously impossible.

I am passionate about entrepreneurship, disruptive technologies, the commercialisation of creative content and the potential for online collaboration to act as a conduit for the advancement of human knowledge. That tends to keep me busy. In what small time I have outside that, I like to relive my glory days of endurance sports whilst listening to new music, writing and acting.