Dug Campbell Speaking Bitcoin at TEDx University of Edinburgh 2014
TEDx Bitcoin Talk

Hi, thanks for dropping by. Welcome to my online home šŸ™‚

I’ve been blogging for a while now on all manner of things. But generally it covers a wide range of topics with a similar thread: questioning how technology is disrupting and often – but not always – improving the modern world, whilst keeping one eye on what the future might actually look like.

I’ve been fascinated with Bitcoin/blockchain tech and the potential impact of decentralisation for a while which has led toĀ me: being wheeled out as a commentator on variousĀ TVĀ and radio programmes, founding the Scottish Bitcoin Meetup, setting upĀ the first Scottish Bitcoin Conference and givingĀ an early 2014 TEDx talk entitledĀ ‘Bitcoin: More Than Just Money’. OtherĀ talks/commentary includeĀ CNN, BBC Radio Scotland, STV, The Herald, Heroes Festival in Italy, 360D ConferenceĀ and to a range of universities and other businesses over the years, including Standard Life, law firms, accountancy firms, design agencies etc.

These days I’m helpingĀ MaidSafe to build a new decentralised network. The SAFE Network is the world’s first autonomous data network and you can read more about that in this postĀ (and join the thousands in the SAFE Network forum here).

I enjoy giving talks – so feel free to get in touch.

Dug Campbell on TV discussing the future of Bitcoin and digital currencies
Taking part in Scotland Tonight on STV discussing the future of Bitcoin and digital currencies
On live TV discussing Bitcoin and the future of digital currency
Discussing Bitcoin and the future of digital currency on TV

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