Month: November 2014

We’ve always done it this way The Genius ISM’s Factom and Preventing Forgeries in Databases FoldingCoin And Magic Healing Tokens The Drones Are Coming Counterparty and Medici Success and The PayPal Mafia To Comment Or Not, That Is The Question PIN Numbers and Passwords Farm2050 Collective & The Coming Global Food Shortage Why We Should Be Supporting Let’s Encrypt Bitcoin Chat on Sand Hill Road Wearable Data in Court The Six Walls of Surveillance Why Science Fiction Shapes The Future Net Neutrality and the Battle Ahead Dunbar’s Magic Number 150 LinkedIn “Not Good For Bad Employees” Shocker The Forex Rigging Scandal Tipping Tuesday UK Call for Information on Digital Currencies A Fear of Identity Theft The Future of Work The Streaming Music Dilemma Startups, Maslow, Happiness, Unemployment Billion Dollar Unicorns Outside the Valley When more money is a bad thing The Rising Tide of Data Breaches Medical research and the block chain